What we do?

Process Combustion Equipment

Our main activities include designing, supplying and installing a range of liquid and gaseous fuel process combustion systems for oil refining, chemical and natural gas processing industries across the globe. Whatever the project and wherever it takes place, our professional team of engineers always ensures that the solution you receive is cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and uniquely tailored to your company’s specific requirements.

Pushing the Limits of Technology

As a machine factory, we started with the manufacturing of burners and associated equipment. As an engineering firm, Duiker supplies much more than that. With our expertise in process combustion equipment covering many industries, we are often involved in projects from as early as the stage of feasibility study until the decommissioning activities and in every step in between. For our customers it simply boils down to the following: Improve your technology. Meet your Targets. Lower Your Costs.

Package Integration by an Expert

Duiker has forged strong alliances with the providers of auxiliary equipment, and we are a prime international supplier for equipment used within several licensed processes. This puts us in a good position to help you achieve the best possible solution for your company. Whether you need one piece of equipment or a complete unit, a complete turn-key solution or a partner to fully manage your project from the initial concept through to start-up, the knowledge and technical expertise of Duiker and its partners can provide a truly tailor-made solution.

Guaranteeing the Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

As purchasing decisions are no longer being driven by a simple capital expenditure (CAPEX) or total installed cost (TIC) evaluation, we have to consider the prime impact factors influencing our total cost of ownership (TCO). This starts simply by evaluating waste heat recovery and utility consumption of various design alternatives, however, more often than not we still overlook key interaction features of the equipment selected. Through the experience gained in working on hundreds of greenfield projects and as many revamps we have fine-tuned the interactions to provide combustion systems with a greater value than the sum of its individual components. The resulting systems have the lowest operational and maintenance costs in the industry. This coupled with competitive pricing due to international sourcing, results in the lowest total cost of ownership for every project.